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In the Starting Blocks

After several long and taxing years, I have finally been accepted into a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. The way is clear, and I have a chance at becoming a physical therapist.

My road to this point was unorthodox. I graduated from a reputable private college in the midwest with a business major. I used that to get a nice, entry-level management position in a large healthcare company, where I worked my way up the ladder for a few years. A variety of personal factors contributed to my eventual estrangement: mostly, I did not feel like my efforts contributed any good to society.

That sounds cheesy, but that’s what it boiled down to. My own experience with physical therapy coupled with a loved one’s rehabilitation process drove me to physical therapy. I began an unofficial post-baccalaureate program to fulfill PT prerequisites. Eventually, I took a PT aide position which let me get my hands dirty and allowed me to go to school full-time.

After fighting through the hellacious process of graduate school applications, I have received several acceptances (and a healthy handful of rejections). I highly doubted that I’d get into even one program so I’m extremely excited to now have a choice of suitors.

Regardless of where I go, I’m eager to take this next step toward becoming a physical therapist. I found that there are very few resources online for student physical therapists or those thinking about PT as a career, so hopefully this blog can contribute to that. Look for me to chronicle my preparation for PT school, and the highs and lows as I matriculate into the program.


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