Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle

Most people entering physical therapy school inevitably become anxious about their academic readiness. Last summer, my friends entering PT school were extremely worried about the rigors of curriculum.

Everyone who has been through PT school has said that the first week will hit you like a bunch of bricks. They say that you’re guaranteed at least a Grade II concussion. And then the fun part is that each week piles right on to the one earlier.

In an effort to hedge this steep learning curve, I’ve begun to review my anatomy. When I decided to pursue physical therapy, two years ago, I bought a Fourth Edition Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy. I figured that I’d have to buy an atlas for PT school anyway, and this way, I would be able to study from it. Plus it kind of made me feel like a real member of the medical community. Like a balding Doogie Howser, DPT.

However, each page is extremely detailed so it’s information overload if you’re casually studying. So, I decided to pick up Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards (purchased for about $36) from the local Barnes & Noble. I’ve found that it’s helpful in breaking anatomy up into manageable pieces. It’s also a lot easier to study while watching a basketball game or while relaxing.

Reviewing terms has been good so far. I’ve definitely forgotten a lot of stuff since taking Anatomy & Physiology, during which our white bread, 50-year-old physician assistant professor stone-facedly gave us dirty mnemonics for everything. With stuff like that, how could I ever have forgotten the carpal bones?


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