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After School

I drive past an elementary school on my usual route to work. Call me reckless but I always get irritated when the car in front of me goes 20 MPH when there are no kids in view. Am I driving behind Michael Jackson or something?

Today, driving slowly past the school made me think about whether my future work schedule would allow me to see my future children. This is extremely premature worrying because I’m a dude with no plans of having children during PT school and I haven’t even begun PT school yet.

But the outpatient orthopedic companies I know of do not have parent-friendly clinic hours. These clinics see patients until seven, eight or nine in the evening. That’s lights-out time for young children. It’s also dinner time for a lot of families.

If I decide to go the outpatient route, I wonder if I’ll find a job that’ll allow me to get out of work at a reasonable hour. I wonder what our physical therapists’ experiences have been with this potential problem. I’m not sure I’d be happy sacrificing family or wife time so I can treat a snobby, ungrateful, middle-aged corporate braggart.



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