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Today Was A Good Learning Day

Today, a lot of gross anatomy concepts clicked in my mind. Gross anatomy is a plethora of information. It is a steady sea flow of knowledge; when you’ve become accustomed to the force of one wave, the next comes crashing upon you.

Today, I feel like I’ve begun to master one wave. For example: all of the tributaries to the superior mesenteric vein and inferior mesenteric vein are part of the portal venous system. This makes sense because the liver acts as a filter for blood coming from the gastrointestinal area. Duh. I laugh at myself because it’s such a simple concept but it took me two days to actually realize that I’m being peppered with factoids pointing to the same thing — that the venous return in the mesentric veins ultimately drain through the liver. And it was really my first “ah ha!” moment in physical therapy school. Now that I have that overarching concept in my mind, it’s much easier to digest (see what I did there?) the details on that subject.

The only problem is that tomorrow we will be hit with even more information that requires a certain level of mastery, and then the day after that, and the one after. But maybe it’s the small victories that matter most.


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